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Golf Ace Nation was founded with one simple mission: to make golf more fun for everyone involved! From beginner players just starting, to veteran competitors striving for success on competitive tours – we want to provide an enjoyable experience for all golfers alike. We strive to provide each customer with a selection of top-notch products that range from clubs to apparel, and accessories, as well as detailed instructions and advice that will help them enjoy their time spent on the green even more.

Assist Golfers with Expert Advice

At Golf Ace Nation, we provide expert advice and tips from our team of professional coaches and players who have years of experience in the sport. From basics such as proper form, grip, and stance, all the way up to advanced techniques, we have something for everyone who wants to hone their golf skills. We also provide reviews on the latest equipment so you can make informed decisions about what works best for your game. 

Make Sport More Inclusive 

Golf Ace Nation isn’t just about providing great advice – it’s also about ensuring all players, regardless of skill level or background, feel welcome and included in the sport. We strive to be an open and diverse community where people can learn together while enjoying a great game of golf.

Golf Is In Our Blood

Hello, I am Erling Williams, Founder & CEO of Golf Ace Nation. I have been passionate about playing and studying this incredible sport since I was a young child. I grew up in Scotland where I started my journey into mastering this complex game spending hours hitting balls off driving ranges while dreaming about turning pro one day. Being a United States Pro Golfer now, I have traveled around Europe educating myself on all aspects related to golf while also meeting some of the greatest minds in the field who have taught me valuable lessons throughout their career – lessons which I now want everyone else to enjoy with me.

I work with my fellow golfer, Jason Brown, the golf product specialist, to make Golf Ace Nation more useful for golf enthusiasts. He ensures the authenticity and relevance of every guide. With a sharp eye for detail, he guarantees that golf enthusiasts receive genuine insights to enhance their skills. His dedication contributes to the credibility of Golf Ace Nation’s resources, making it a trusted hub for all golfers.

Our Team

Erling Williams profile picture

Erling Williams (Author)

Birth Place – Edinburgh, Scotland
Profession – Golf Coach
Bio – Erling Williams is a former PGA golfer with years of experience golfing on various courses around the world. He is originally from Scotland (the birthplace of Golf) but during his 20s, he shifted to America.
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Jason Brown's Profile picture

Jason Brown Garcia (Contributing Author, Testing Expert)

Birth Place – Virginia, USA
Profession – Golfer, Writer
Bio – Generally, Jason is a self-employed writer but his passion for golf made him a pro golfer with time. He now reviews and tests various golf products and provides his insights on them.

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