What is a Provisional Ball in Golf | Learn the Rules, Tactics & Strategies

what is a provisional ball in golf

Ever been in a situation where you hit a shot that goes off course? Of course you have, you wouldn’t be human if you hadn’t! I had this experience and it was an absolute nightmare. It was during a match, and I hit my drive way out of bounds. As I searched for my ball in the brush, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What is a Provisional Ball in Golf?” Luckily, I knew exactly what it was and it saved me from the dreaded penalty stroke. In this post, I’ll give you a rundown of what a provisional golf shot is and how it can save your game.

What is a Provisional Ball in Golf?

I can tell you that a provisional ball is a golfer’s way of preparing for the worst. When your ball goes astray and you’re not sure where it landed, you declare a provisional ball and hit a second ball from the original spot. This way, if you can’t find your first ball, you won’t have to trek all the way back to where you hit from and can keep the pace of play up. 

But remember, you can only hit a provisional ball if you suspect your first might be lost or out of bounds. I once hit a provisional golf shot and ended up finding both. Double the fun, double the strokes.

It’s important to understand the rules that govern provisional balls when playing golf, so let’s get through this option & the rules that govern it more closely.

Golf Provisional Ball Rules | USGA Rule 18.3

a. When the Provisional Ball is Allowed

You’re allowed to play another ball provisionally if your first shot goes out of bounds or might be lost outside of a penalty area. However, if you know your original ball is in a penalty area, you can’t play a provisional ball. I once played a provisional ball that ended up being my best shot of the day! But always remember the penalty of stroke and distance. Keep your head in the game and choose wisely.
b. Announcing Provisional Ball Play

In accordance with USGA Rule 18.3b, announcing that you will play a provisional ball is crucial. Saying something like “I’m hitting another one” won’t cut it. Use the word provisional in golf or make it clear you’re playing under this rule. Otherwise, you may incur a stroke and distance penalty if you play your original ball.
c. Playing the Provisional Ball Until the Ball Enters Play Or is Abandoned

(i) How Many Strokes Does a Provisional Ball Have?

We know, that when your original ball might be lost out of bounds or in a water hazard, you have the option for a provisional golf shot.

But did you know that you can play the provisional ball more than once? As long as you hit it from a spot that is the same distance or farther from the hole than where your original ball is estimated to be, it maintains its status as a provisional ball. This allows you to keep your options open and avoid penalty strokes.

(ii) When the Provisional Ball Becomes Your Ball in Play

Both of these situations result in your provisional ball becoming your ball in play:

1. If your original ball is lost or out of bounds, your provisional ball comes into play with a penalty of stroke and distance.

2. If you think your provisional ball is closer to the hole, you can choose to play it instead. Remember, always mark the spot of your original ball before playing the provisional to avoid any confusion. 

(iii) When a Provisional Ball is Abandoned 

When your provisional ball has not yet become your ball in play, it must be abandoned in either of these two cases:

1. If your original ball is found outside a penalty area before the three-minute search time is up, your provisional golf shot must be abandoned. 

2. Likewise, if your original ball is found in a penalty area or is known or virtually certain to be there, you must either play it or take penalty relief. 

Keep these rules in mind to avoid any unnecessary strokes on the course. Read the full USGA Trainer’s Guide on Provisional Golf to get your basics clear.

How Does a Provisional Work in Golf?

Let’s say you hit your golf ball straight from the teeing area but it ends up lost in a bush – we’ve all been there. Instead of giving up, you can announce and play a provisional ball. If it comes to rest at point A, you can play it without losing its provisional status. 

From there, you play it to point B, which is closer to the hole than where your original ball is estimated to be. If you play from point B, your provisional becomes the ball in play under penalty of stroke and distance. 

a diagram showing provisional golf shot scenario

So, if you want to save some strokes, make sure you know all about scoring a provisional ball in golf effectively.

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Does a Provisional Ball Count as a Stroke?

Is a provisional ball counted as a stroke? Well, let me tell you that it’s only a one-stroke penalty. But listen up, you have to follow the rules of the provisional ball to avoid further penalties, especially in competitions. And if you play a second ball without declaring it as provisional, you’ll get an extra penalty under the game’s rules. So, be careful out there and always declare your provisional golf shot.

Three-Minute Rule for Provisional Balls

I always advise everyone to follow the 3-minute provisional golf ball rule. It’s not just about etiquette – it’s about following the rules of the game. If your ball is lost, you have 3 minutes to search for it with your caddie. If you can’t find it, you have to play a provisional ball. Here’s where it gets interesting – if you do find your original ball, you’re obliged to play it and add a provisional stroke penalty.

Can You Play Your Provisional Ball If You Find Your First?

Provisional ball is a stroke-saving measure that comes in handy when your first shot goes awry. But what happens if you find your original ball after you’ve hit your provisional? Well, you’ve got some options. 

  • If your original ball is in play or a penalty area, you must play it with a penalty. 
  • If it’s lost, you can continue with your provisional golf shot with no penalty. 

Always know the rules and play smart to get the best out of your game!

Can You Hit a Provisional Ball for a Hazard?

few golf balls in a water hazard

Let me clarify the rules on playing a provisional ball for a hazard. If your original ball might be lost only in a water hazard, you cannot play a provisional ball. But, if there’s a chance it might land outside of the hazard too, go ahead and hit a provisional ball. Just remember to add an extra stroke to your score.

Found your ball in the water hazard!! Might be thinking do golf balls go bad? Read our official guide on golf ball shelf life now. 

Conclusion: What is a Provisional Ball in Golf?

Well, to sum it up, a provisional ball is your backup plan when your first shot goes wayward. It can save you time and strokes, as long as you know the rules and use it properly. So next time you hit a tee shot that you’re not sure about, don’t be afraid to use that provisional ball and keep the game moving. 

As the great Arnold Palmer once said, “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” So let’s all be prepared for those complicated moments on the course. Keep swinging and follow Golf Ace Nation for more expert advice and laughs on the course. Fore!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many provisionals can you hit?

When it comes to a provisional shot in golf, how many can you hit? Well, the rules actually allow for a second provisional if you think that your first one might be lost or out of bounds. Keep playing your provisional until you reach the spot where your original ball is likely to be. Simple as that! So go ahead, take your best shot, and see where it takes you. 

Q. Is a provisional ball a one-stroke penalty?

A provisional ball only results in a one-stroke penalty, which is the same as a lost ball penalty. But don’t forget to follow the rules of the provisional ball to avoid further consequences, especially during competitions.

Q. Can you go back to the tee and play a provisional ball?

Yes, you can go back to the tee and play a provisional ball if you have lost your original ball. This is allowed if you are able to return to the spot of your previous stroke before the three-minute search time has ended. So, if you hit your ball into the rough or woods and are unsure if it’s lost, it’s always a good idea to play a provisional ball to avoid potential penalties.

Q. Can you declare a golf ball lost without looking for it?

You can’t just declare a golf ball lost without putting in the effort to find it first. According to the Rules of Golf, you have to search for the ball for a full three minutes before it can be considered lost. 

Q. Do you take a stroke with a provisional ball?

When it comes to provisional balls, the rule is pretty simple. If you find your first shot, you can leave the provisional in your pocket and carry on playing. But if your first shot is nowhere to be seen or lands out of bounds, then it’s time to reach for the provisional, and don’t forget, you’ll be hit with a penalty stroke.

Q. What happens if you hit a provisional ball and find your first ball?

No need to worry if you end up finding your original ball after hitting a provisional. You won’t incur any provisional stroke penalty – it’s simply a backup option in case the first ball is lost.

Q. Can you hit a provisional ball for a water hazard?

No, you are not allowed to play a provisional ball for a water hazard. If the only place your original ball might be lost is in the water hazard, then hitting a provisional ball is not an option. It’s important to remember the rules of the game to avoid any penalties or disqualifications. 

Q. Can a provisional ball be played for a ball that may be lost within a penalty area?

When playing a provisional ball, it’s important to remember that it can only be used if the original ball is lost or out of bounds. However, if you suspect that your ball may be lost within a penalty area, you can play a provisional ball as long as you don’t know for certain that the original ball is in the penalty area. 

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