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what to do with old golf balls

Attention all golf enthusiasts! I have a predicament that I’m sure many of you can relate to. I have a stash of old golf balls that have seen better days. They’re worn, discolored, and just not up to par for my next game. So, what to do with old golf balls? As a seasoned golfer and avid environmentalist, I refuse to let them go to waste. In fact, I’ve done some extensive research on unique and creative ways to reuse them. 

Growing up, I loved going to the driving range with my grandfather. We’d go through a bucket of balls in no time. But what I didn’t realize back then was the environmental impact of those spent golf balls. Did you know that over 300 million golf balls are lost or discarded each year in the U.S. alone? That’s insane! I knew I had to do something about it. 

In this post, I’ll share with you my personal experience and the expert insights I’ve gathered on how to repurpose old golf balls. Trust me, some intriguing and professional ideas go beyond the typical DIY craft projects. So, let’s tee off on this journey of discovering what to do with old golf balls together.

What to Do With Old Golf Balls?

Golf balls form an integral part of the game of golf. They are an essential component in determining the outcome of the game. However, these small balls don’t last forever. Over time, golf balls go bad, wear out, and lose their spin, distance, and accuracy. As golfers, we are left with the dilemma of what to do with our old golf balls. Here are the uses for old golf balls for you.

1. Donate Them

You might be thinking, “Why on earth would anyone want my old golf balls?” But there are numerous charitable organizations that would welcome your used golf balls with open arms. These organizations often sell donated golf balls to fund their programs, which can range from school supplies for kids to environmental conservation initiatives.

Last year, I donated my old golf balls to a charity organization, The First Tee, a non-profit that aims to introduce golf to children and provide opportunities for growth through the sport. They have a donation program that accepts both new and used golf balls, as well as other golf equipment. Not only did I feel good about helping a good cause, but I also received a tax deduction for my donation.

Where Can I Donate Used Golf Balls
The First Tee
Boys and Girls Club
Play It Again Sports
Local Charities

2. Recycle Them

Another option for disposing of your old golf balls is to recycle them. While not all golf balls can be repurposed golf balls, many of them can be repurposed into a variety of products like playground equipment, hoses, and belts. Several companies offer golf ball recycling programs. They accept used golf balls of any brand and will pay for other related costs.

Different Organizations that Recycle Golf Balls
Golf Ball Company
Lost Golf Balls
Golf Ball Monster

3. Make Art with Them

If you’re feeling creative, you can turn your old golf balls into eye-catching and unique pieces of art. Golf balls are versatile materials that can be used to create everything from sculptures to wind chimes.

One artist, Lee Wybranski, is known for crafts using old golf balls in his striking portraits of famous golfers. You can even create your artwork by painting or drawing on the golf balls, or by gluing them together to make cool golf ball art projects & other 3D structures.

4. Practice Your Short Game

golf putting shot closeup

If you’re a serious golfer, you know the importance of practicing your short game. One way to do so is by creating a backyard and putting green with your old golf balls. All you need is a flat surface and some creativity. You can use the golf balls to mark the holes or even embed them into the surface of the green for a unique texture.

5. Turn Them into Decor

Old golf balls can be repurposed into decorative items for your home or office. For example, you can create a unique photo holder by cutting a golf ball in half and attaching it to a wood block with a photo wire. You can also turn them into garden decorations by painting them to look like ladybugs, bees, or other insects.

One of my best golf ball art ideas was when I turned some of my old golf balls into Christmas ornaments last year by painting them in holiday colors and adding small decorative items to them. They turned out to be an excellent conversation starter during my holiday parties.

Things to Make With Golf Balls
Type of DecorGolf Ball Crafts Example
Photo HoldersHalf golf ball photo holder, golf ball photo sculpture
Garden DecorationsPainted golf ball ladybugs, painted golf ball bees
Home DecorGolf ball coat hanger, golf ball keychain

6. Use Them As Training Aids

a beginner golfer practicing swing with golf balls

Old golf balls can also be repurposed as training aids. We know that the new golf balls are not worthy enough to use as our training equipment considering the high cost of golf balls. So, you can use old golf balls to mark targets on the driving range or practice your swing by hitting them into a net. You can also reuse golf balls to create your DIY swing trainer by attaching a string to an old golf ball and swinging it back and forth. This will help you perfect your swing and work on your timing.

Now, all through with what to do with old golf balls. Worried about your old golf clubs? Don’t worry!! Follow our guide on what to do with old golf clubs now.

Are Golf Balls Biodegradable?

Being an expert, I must inform you about the environmental impact of golf balls. Unfortunately, golf balls are not biodegradable. They are made up of synthetic materials that take hundreds of years to decompose. When these golf balls end up in landfills, they can release toxins into the soil, harming the environment. 

Furthermore, they can also end up in bodies of water, causing harm to marine life. While some companies have created eco-friendly golf balls, they are still not fully biodegradable and require special facilities to break down. As golfers, it’s our responsibility to properly dispose of our old golf balls and reduce their impact on the environment.

But here are some positives, researchers are working on designing biodegradable golf balls with the use of lobster shells. There is even research quoting about soybean-based gold balls by a University in Kansas. All in all, many efforts are going on to save our environment.

Can Golf Balls Be Recycled?

Yes, they can be recycled. However, the process of recycling golf balls is not as simple as tossing them into your blue recycling bin.

Golf balls are made up of several layers of materials such as rubber, plastic, and metal. These materials must be separated and properly processed before they can be recycled. The most common method of recycling golf balls is by grinding them down into small pieces and then using them as filler for construction materials such as asphalt or concrete.

There are even some companies (discussed above) that specialize in golf ball recycling. They collect used golf balls, sort them by brand and condition, and then sell them back to golfers at discounted rates. This process not only helps keep old golf balls out of landfills but also provides an affordable option for golfers who don’t want to pay full price for new balls.

Should Old Golf Balls Be Reused for Play?

It’s a question that every golfer must consider when they have old golf balls that are no longer as effective as they used to be.

While technically it is possible to reuse old golf balls, it is not recommended if you want to get the most out of your game. Old golf balls tend to lose their elasticity over time, which affects their performance. Furthermore, they may develop micro-cracks or scratches that could alter their trajectory or distance.

old golf balls

Using new golf balls guarantees better performance and consistent results. As a golfer, you want to be confident in your equipment, and using old golf balls may undermine that confidence.

In my personal experience, I have always found that using new golf balls serves me better during play. New golf balls have a better feel, and I find that I can control them better, ultimately resulting in a better performance and a more enjoyable game.

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Repurposing Your Old Golf Balls | From Trash to Treasure

After researching and testing different methods for what to do with old golf balls, I’ve concluded that recycling and repurposing are the best options. Whether you donate your old balls to a local charity or turn them into garden decorations, there are plenty of creative ways to give them a new life. And if you’re looking for new golf balls to play with, I highly recommend the Noodle Golf Balls for their excellent performance and affordable price.

Remember, just because your golf balls may be old doesn’t mean they are worthless. Every ball has its own story and memories attached to it. So don’t let them sit in a dark corner collecting dust, give them a new purpose and share your love for the game with others.

Follow Golf Ace Nation for more expert tips and tricks to improve your golf game! And don’t forget to share your creative ideas for what to do with old golf balls. Together, we can make sure every ball lives a full and happy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What can I do with a lot of golf balls?

So you’ve got a lot of golf balls lying around, and you’re not sure what to do with them. Well, the good news is that there are a lot of creative ways to repurpose those little white spheres. You could turn them into garden decorations, use them for arts and crafts projects, or even create your mini golf course in your backyard. Don’t let those golf balls go to waste – put them to use in fun and interesting ways

Q2. Can you sell golf balls back to the club?

Absolutely! Most golf clubs have a buyback program for gently used golf balls. Not only is this a great way to make some extra money, but it also helps to reduce waste. Many clubs even offer free golf balls as a bonus for participating in their recycling program. 

Q3. Can you make money off used golf balls?

Yes! Believe it or not, there is a market for selling used golf balls. With a little bit of effort, you can easily collect and clean up used balls to resell to golfers. Not only is it a great way to declutter your garage, but it could also be a lucrative side hustle. Here are a few resources for your help: Golf Ball Company, Lost Golf Balls, Golf Ball Monster, etc.

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