What to Do With Old Golf Clubs? Coolest Ideas Ever

what to do with old golf clubs

I worship golf! So, I know how it feels to retire those trusty old golf clubs that have been with you for years. It’s tough to say goodbye to something that has been such an integral part of your game, but the reality is that over time, your clubs will become old, outdated and simply won’t produce the results you expect.

Recently, I found myself in this exact scenario. I have been using the same set of irons for the past 3 years, but I knew it was time to make the switch to a new set to improve my game. This left me thinking, what to do with old golf clubs?

After doing some research, I realized that there are actually a ton of options for those looking to dispose of or repurpose old golf clubs. From donating them to charity to selling them to a local golf shop, the possibilities are endless.  

So, if you are in the same boat as me, you don’t have to feel guilty about retiring your beloved clubs just yet. Let’s dive deeper into what to do with your old golf clubs and find a solution that works for you.

What to Do With Old Golf Clubs – Practical and Creative Ideas

So, for anyone who finds themselves in the same situation as I did, keep reading as I share some of the best sustainable and meaningful golf club repurpose ideas.

1. Donate! But Where to Donate Used Golf Clubs?

donate the old golf clubs

Consider donating your old golf clubs to junior golf programs, schools, or local community centers. You can simply type where to donate used golf clubs near me on your phone to find these locations. These organizations may welcome the equipment for beginners or those who cannot afford their own clubs.

I remember when I first started playing golf, I struggled with finding the proper golf club grip. It wasn’t until I got my own set of clubs that I truly began to excel at the game. That’s why you must donate old golf clubs as it can make a huge difference for beginners or those who can’t afford their own.

2. Sell

Many websites and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook specialize in buying and selling used golf clubs, making it easy to find a new home for your old gear. Plus, getting some cash back can help offset the cost of purchasing new equipment. And when beginners purchase your old clubs, they’re getting a chance to improve their golf swing and enjoy the game, just like you did when you first started playing. Don’t let those old golf clubs go to waste, sell them and give someone else the opportunity to experience the best golf swing they can.

If your old golf clubs are still in good condition, you can sell them online through platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or dedicated golf equipment resale websites. This way, you can make some money and allow others to enjoy the clubs.

3. Trade-In

Many golf retailers offer trade-in programs where you can exchange your old golf clubs for store credit or discounts on new equipment. This is a great option if you are looking to upgrade your clubs.

But before you hand over your old golf clubs, make sure they’re in good condition. Cleaning your golf clubs is essential for their longevity and performance. Dirt and grime can affect the grooves on the clubface, which can affect the spin and control of your shots. Take a few minutes after each round to wipe down your clubs with a damp cloth and soap. Ensure the grooves are free of debris by using a soft-bristled brush. 

4. Repurpose

Stop staring at your old clubs and get creative and repurpose them into unique household items. For example, you can transform a club into a coat rack, a towel holder, or a garden stake.  

If you are feeling handy, you can even attempt to shine and reshaft golf clubs and then repurpose them into new golf clubs, without having to spend a ton of money on new equipment. 

Repurposing old clubs not only gives a new life to these forgotten treasures but also reduces waste and promotes sustainability. So next time you think about throwing away your old golf clubs, why not get imaginative and give them a second chance? There are so many uses for old golf clubs that go beyond your imagination. I believe by now you must have realized it.

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5. Practice Range

golfers are practicing golf at a golf range

I have been an avid golfer for years and one thing I know for sure is that golf club costs can get quite pricey. That’s why I donate them to a practice range or golf facility. These places are always in need of equipment, and your used golf clubs can help give new golfers the chance to practice and improve their skills without breaking the bank.

Not only is donating your old golf clubs a great way to help other golf lovers, but it’s also a responsible way to dispose of equipment that may no longer be suitable for your game. Rather than letting your old clubs gather dust in the garage or throwing them away, donate them to a practice range where they can continue to be put to good use. They would love free golf clubs and who knows, your old golfing clubs may even inspire someone else’s love for the game, just as they did for you.

6. Local Auctions or Garage Sales

Participate in local auctions or host a garage sale where you can sell your old golf clubs alongside other items you no longer need.

In fact, at my most recent garage sale, I was able to sell my old clubs alongside other unused belongings and even made a decent profit. Plus, having a garage sale or participating in a local auction allows others in the golf community to find your old golf clubs and put them to use.

7. Golf Club Artisans

a golf club artisan is having a closer look at the golf club shaft

Some artisans specialize in creating custom furniture, lamps, or other projects using old golf clubs and other parts. Explore local craftspeople who may be interested in repurposing your old clubs into one-of-a-kind creations. These artisans breathe new life into old golf clubs and also uphold the traditions and history of the game. They can polish golf clubs, reshape them, and even add personalized engravings or custom paint jobs. The result is a unique and meaningful piece that can be proudly displayed in your home or office.

Moreover, one small piece of advice for all golfers, do not forget the impact of golf on nature. Take a look at the Global Perspective on the Environmental Impact of Golf here.

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So How Did You Recycle Your Golf Club?

I have shared my personal experience on what to do with old golf clubs. As a passionate golfer, it can be difficult to part ways with old golf clubs that hold sentimental value. However, I have discovered many ways to recycle and repurpose them instead of just throwing them away. 

From donating them to junior golf programs, schools, and charitable organizations, to selling them online or through second-hand sports shops, there are many options available. You can also opt to repurpose your old golf clubs as creative home decor or even use them to create your DIY golf-themed crafts projects. Trust me, when you hang golf clubs on your wall after crafting them and putting in your unique efforts, those emotions are priceless.

Not only are these old golf club ideas environmentally friendly, but they also give back to the golf community in some way. It’s amazing to see how old golf clubs can still have a significant impact even after their playing days are over.  

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Q1. Are old golf clubs worth anything?

Old golf clubs may still hold value for collectors or those on a budget. Vintage clubs made of wood can fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Modern clubs may not be as valuable, but they can still be sold or donated to organizations that help introduce golf to underprivileged individuals. If you donate old golf clubs, you are giving opportunities to those who can’t afford golf equipment.

Q2. How do you hang golf clubs on the wall in the garage?

To hang golf clubs on the wall in the garage, you can use a specialized golf club rack or hanger. These are typically made of durable materials like steel or wood and have hooks or slots for holding the clubs securely. You’ll want to ensure that the hanger is positioned at a height that is easy to reach and that keeps the clubs from getting in the way of other equipment or tools.

Q3. How do you store golf clubs at home?

When storing golf clubs at home, it’s important to keep them in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight. Ideally, you should store them in a bag or case to protect the heads and shafts from dings and scratches. Some golfers also opt to use specially designed storage racks or shelving units to keep their clubs organized and easily accessible.  

Q4. How do you use a golf hanger?

To use a golf hanger, simply secure it to the wall or ceiling using the included hardware and instructions. Then, slide your clubs into the slots or hooks provided. Be sure to balance your clubs evenly and avoid overfilling the hanger to prevent damage. Golf hangers are a great space-saving solution that can help keep your garage or golfing area tidy and clutter-free.

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