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who makes noodle golf balls

I’m always looking for ways to improve my game. And when it comes to selecting the right golf ball, I’m not one to settle for just any old brand. I want a ball that’s going to give me the power and distance I need to hit a hole-in-one. So naturally, I found myself asking the question – Who Makes Noodle Golf Balls?

Noodle Golf Balls have been a favorite among golfers for many years. They’ve been known to give players just the right type of “feel” when hitting a shot, and with their signature dimples, offer great control and precision. But who is responsible for creating such a fantastic product?

After some research, I discovered that the Noodle line of golf balls is actually owned by TaylorMade, one of the top manufacturers of golf equipment in the world. But, just like any other great product, it takes a team of experts to create something that stands out from the competition. In this blog, I’ll explore more about who makes Noodle Golf Balls and other useful insights. So, buckle up, grab your clubs, and let’s tee off with Noodle Golf Balls.

What is a Noodle Ball?

Before I delve into who makes Noodle golf balls, let’s first discuss what Noodle golf balls are. Noodle golf balls are designed with a soft compression core and a low spin rate, making them an excellent choice for golfers looking for more distance on their shots. The dimple pattern on the golf ball is designed to increase lift, allowing it to stay in the air longer. This makes Noodle golf balls an excellent choice for golfers who have a slower swing speed. But if you are looking to increase your clubhead speed? Follow our official guide.

General Noodle Golf Ball Specifications
Dimple Count342

One of the reasons why Noodle golf balls are so popular is because of their affordability. They are designed to provide golfers with high-performing golf balls at a fraction of the cost of other golf balls on the market.

Who Makes Noodle Golf Balls?

In the early 2000s, Noodle Golf Balls were a subsidiary brand of the world-renowned golf ball manufacturer, TaylorMade. TaylorMade is a company that has been in the golfing business since 1979. It was founded by Gary Adams, who wanted to create the best golf clubs to use and other quality accessories that could cater to golfers of all skill levels.

Being a TaylorMade subsidiary, Noodle Golf Balls have been manufactured under the TaylorMade umbrella since the beginning. TaylorMade is a company that is primarily known for its golf club manufacturing, but it has also been in the golf ball-making business since the early 2000s. Over the years, TaylorMade has established itself as one of the top brands in the golf ball market, and Noodle Golf Balls are no exception.

In 1996, the Dunlop Slazenger company underwent a management buyout facilitated by private equity firm Cinven. Unfortunately, the management team’s expectations were not met, resulting in the company falling under the control of a consortium of banks led by The Royal Bank of Scotland.

However, TaylorMade adidas Golf took advantage of their licensing agreement with Maxfli, ultimately acquiring the brand in 2004. The Slazenger Golf Products Company gained the rights to Slazenger Golf in North America, while TaylorMade adidas Golf retained the Noodle trademark and associated golf ball patents.

Noodle Golf Balls were first introduced in the year 2000, with the Noodle Golf Balls Long and Soft being its flagship product. This ball was manufactured to cater to golfers who were looking for a ball that was not only long but also had a soft feel, making it easy to hit and control. The Noodle Golf Balls Long and Soft were successful and quickly gained popularity among amateur golfers worldwide.

One of my favorite personal experiences with Noodle Golf Balls happened when I was a novice golfer starting to learn the game. I was looking for the best golf ball for me that would allow me to play comfortably and improve my game. On the advice of a golfing friend of mine, I decided to give the Noodle Long and Soft ball a try. From the very first hit on the golf ball, I knew that I had found the ball that would help me progress in the game, and I’ve been a fan of Noodle Golf Balls ever since.

Where is a Noodle Golf Ball Made?

The Noodle brand was introduced in the year 2000, and since then, it has been a popular choice amongst golfers worldwide. Despite the acquisition of the Maxfli brand by TaylorMade Adidas Golf company, the Noodle brand still continues to be manufactured in their Korean facility.

TaylorMade Adidas Golf’s manufacturing facility in Korea employs state-of-the-art technology. This technology helps to optimize the spin rate on approach shots, providing a superior performance compared to other golf balls in the market.

The manufacturing process of Noodle golf balls is subject to rigorous standards set by various governing bodies of golf. With tight quality controls and strict adherence to legal standards, golfers can be assured of the consistency and performance of their chosen Noodle golf ball.

Difference Between Noodle Golf Balls

In terms of product offerings, the golf ball makers have expanded their line over the years, catering to golfers with different playing styles and skill levels. Below is a table that highlights the different Noodle Golf Ball types available in the market:

Noodle Golf Ball Types and Descriptions
Ball TypeDescriptionFeaturesWho Can Use
Noodle Long and Soft BallIt provides golfers with plenty of softness and an extended distance while keeping the spin rate lower.1. Soft compression core 2. Low spin rate 3. Longer distanceThis ball is perfect for golfers with slow swing speeds who want to effortlessly increase their distance and accuracy on the course.
Noodle Easy Distance BallIt is specially designed for novice golfers who want maximum distance with minimal effort & it also features a low compression core.1. Low compression core 2. High launch 3. Straighter flightIf you’re an amateur golfer looking to improve your game and achieve maximum distance with less effort, this ball is a great choice.
Noodle Ice BallIt is perfect for golfers who want a ball with a soft feel and low compression & It also provides exceptional distance with a low spin rate1. Soft compression core 2. Low spin rate 3. Outstanding-distanceGolfers who want to achieve maximum distance with a low spin rate and a softer feel will love this ball.

The latest addition to the Noodle Golf Ball line is the Noodle Neon. This ball is available in bright neon colors and provides excellent visibility in low-light conditions. What’s more, these colored golf balls also come with the excellent features that are inherent to Noodle Golf Balls- a soft feel, excellent distance, and good control.

Noodle Golf Balls Comparison Table
Ball TypeCore CompressionConstructionCover MaterialDimples
Noodle Long and Soft Ball34IonomerIothane342
Noodle Easy Distance Ball35IonomerIothane342
Noodle Ice Ball34IonomerIothane408
Noodle Neon Ball34IonomerIothane342

Are Noodle Golf Balls Good?

So, are Noodle golf balls good? Absolutely! Here are six advantages of playing with Noodle golf balls:

1. Enhanced Visibility: One of the key features of Noodle golf balls is their bright, eye-catching color. Whether you choose the classic white or opt for something a little more fun, like neon orange, you’ll be able to track your shots easily. This can lead to better ball placement and less time spent searching for lost balls.

2. Soft Feel: Noodle balls are known for their soft feel, which can lead to improved accuracy and better overall performance. The soft cover also means that these balls may have an advantage when it comes to spin control, allowing you to finesse your shots more easily.

3. Distance: While many golf balls are designed for distance, Noodle balls do a great job of balancing distance with accuracy. You’ll be able to hit the ball farther without sacrificing control, making them a great choice for golfers looking to improve their swing.

4. Affordable: Compared to some of the more high-end golf balls on the market, Noodle balls are a great value. You’ll get a high-quality ball at a reasonable price, making it a great option for beginners or anyone looking to play golf with affordability in mind.

5. Low Compression: Noodle balls have a low compression rating, which means that they compress more when struck by the club, leading to better ball speed and distance. This can help golfers with slower swings get more power out of their shots.

6. Durable: Noodle golf balls are designed to last. The soft cover may feel delicate, but it is surprisingly rugged and able to withstand scuffs, scrapes, and other hazards on the course. This means you won’t need to replace your balls as often, saving you money in the long run.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to play with Noodle golf balls. With their soft feel, distance, and affordability, they’re a great option for golfers of all skill levels. 

Are Noodle Golf Balls Legal?

Yes, as long as they meet the USGA guidelines for weight, diameter, and other specifications. USGA and R&A mandate that golf balls must weigh no more than 1.620 ounces and have a diameter of no less than 1.680 inches. Moreover, the number of dimples on the golf ball can also be a factor to take into consideration.

noodle golf balls

Noodle Golf Balls compliant with these guidelines allows you to enjoy the game without worrying about anything else. Made from premium materials, Noodle Golf Balls deliver an unparalleled performance that improves your overall game but do keep in mind the weight of the ball and size of the ball.

Conclusion: Who is Behind the Noodle Golf Balls?

So, who makes Noodle Golf Balls? Well, after some extensive research and a bit of digging, I have come to the conclusion that the true mastermind behind these balls is none other than the great wizard of the golfing world- Taylormade Golf.

Yes, that’s right, Taylormade’s flawless design and technology have managed to win over golfers all around the world, including me. These noodle golf balls have become synonymous with quality and excellence, and it’s no wonder we can’t get enough of them.

As a golf expert, I must say that the way the noodle golf ball flies off the tee and the precision with which it penetrates the greens is simply unmatched. From beginners to professionals, it’s a ball that suits all levels of golfing. So, if you’re looking for a golf ball that ticks all the boxes, then look no further.

To conclude, I want to leave you with this thought- golf is not just about hitting balls, it’s about the experience of being out on the course, the memories you make, and the people you meet. Stay humble, improve your game, and never stop striving for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Taylormade make noodle golf balls?

Yes, Taylormade does make Noodle golf balls. These golf balls are designed to help golfers of all levels maximize their distance and accuracy on the course. The Noodle line of golf balls comes in various models, each with its unique features and benefits, such as soft feel, low spin, and high launch. 

Q2. Do they still make noodle golf balls?

Yes, Taylormade still makes Noodle golf balls! This brand has become a classic for its affordability and quality. Although Taylormade has released several new collections over the years, they have continued to produce Noodle golf balls due to their popularity. Noodle balls are known for having a soft core, which provides a great feel on the green.

Q3. How many pieces are noodle golf balls?

The noodle golf ball is a two-piece ball designed to provide maximum distance and a soft feel on impact. The two pieces consist of a core and a cover, which work together to create the ball’s unique characteristics. Despite its simplicity, golfers all over the world choose noodle golf balls for their reliable performance and affordable price tag.

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