Why Do My Golf Club Irons Go Right to Left – Solving the Mystery

why do my golf club irons go right to left

Why do my golf club irons go right to left? That’s the million-dollar question that I’ve been asking myself lately. It’s safe to say that I’ve experienced my fair share of pulling shots. My friends would often tease that I have a magical talent for being able to avoid every tree and water hazard on the course. But if you’re anything like me, these shots can be frustratingly inconsistent and can severely affect your game. So, what’s the deal with pulling shots? 

Pulling irons left is a common problem that many golfers face. And while it’s not the end of the world, it’s something that we all want to fix to up our game. In today’s post, I’ll dive deep into the causes behind this pesky problem and give you some practical tips on how to fix your pull. So sit back, grab your club, and let’s get to the root of the problem.

Why Do My Golf Club Irons Go Right to Left: Identify Your Mistakes

Most beginners and intermediate players struggle with pulling the ball to the left, which is a common problem that needs to be fixed. Here, I will explain why your irons go left and how you can fix your pull. 

Before I dive into the technicalities, let me share a personal experience. When I started playing golf, I had the same problem. I couldn’t hit the ball straight, and my iron shots went left nearly every time. It was frustrating, and my confidence took a hit. But as I learned more about this problem, I understood that it’s a common issue that can be addressed with the right technique and practice.

It’s a frustrating problem that golfers at every level face, and let’s delve deep into the reasons why am i pulling my irons left.

Reason 1: Alignment of the Body

When trying to hit a shot with an iron, the placement of the body’s alignment plays a crucial role. If the alignment of your body is tilted in such a way that the clubhead is closed, you’ll find that you keep pulling the golf ball left with irons. 

Alignment at Address
AlignmentBall Flight
OpenBall Goes Right
ClosedBall Goes Left
CorrectStraight Shot

Reason 2: Grip on the Club

Another reason that your iron shots go right to left could be that you’re gripping the club too tightly or have an incorrect grip. It’s extremely common, and perfecting the grip is critical in hitting straight shots.

golfer gripping a golf club

I once taught a beginner golfer who was pulling irons left consistently. After analyzing his grip, I noticed he had a very strong grip on his left hand. I taught him how to adjust his grip and aim more to the right of the target. Once he used this adjustment, his ball flight became more neutral, and he stopped pulling his irons left.

Reason 3: Ball Position

The position of the golf ball can also affect the direction of the shot. I have seen many golfers try to hit down on the ball too much, causing them to hit behind the ball. This can cause a left spin & you keep pulling the golf ball left with irons. I advised these golfers to move the ball up in their stance slightly to promote better contact with the ball. Moreover, it is quite vital to understand the aerodynamics of the golf ball for an ideal swing.

Reason 4: Weight Shift

a golfer in a position of golf swing follow through

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “weight transfer” in golf, this is where it comes into play. Failing to transfer weight effectively from your back foot (right foot for right-handed golfers) to your front foot can affect the direction of your iron shots.

Reason 5: Swing Path

I have witnessed many golfers who have a swing path that is too far right, causing their clubface to be closed at impact. The path of your clubhead during the swing can also be a reason for the ball to go right to left. When your clubhead follows an inside-out path, it will cause your irons to curve to the left. At times, the effect of wind on the shot trajectory can also cause your irons to go from right to left.

Direction of Swing Path
Swing PathBall Flight
Outside-InBall Goes Left
Inside-OutBall Goes Right

Reason 6: Clubface Angle

golf club irons and a golf ball closeup image

The incorrect angle of the clubface can make your golf club irons go left, even though you’re hitting a straight shot. This mistake happens when the clubface is open or closed at the point of impact.

Clubface Direction at Impact
Clubface DirectionBall Spin

Reason 7: Club Length

Club length can also play a role in why you keep pulling irons left. If your golf clubs are too long, it can cause you to stand too far from the ball, causing your swing path to be too far outside-to-inside, leading to a closed clubface at impact.

I worked with a golfer who had irons that were too long for him. I recommended he get his clubs fitted to his body type and swing, which helped to promote a more fluid swing and straighter ball flight. Moreover, physical limitations, like the club’s flexibility & strength imbalances, can also affect a golfer’s swing and result in golf club irons going right to left. 

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How to Stop Pulling Irons to the Left?

Now that you are conversant with the causes of pulling irons left, you must learn how to fix this error. Let’s explore some of the helpful ways to prevent pulling your irons too much to the left.

1. Work on Your Alignment: Before you start hitting balls, it’s crucial to position your feet and shoulders so that your clubface is square. Doing this can get your ball flights to go precisely where you want.

2. Check Your Grip: Switching up your grip or regripping your clubs could also do wonders on fixing your pull shots. Ensure your grip is tighter with your left hand, and it’s pressed more firmly against the club handle. To know more, follow the study on the measurement and analysis of grip force during a golf shot.

Properly Rolled Hands and Benefits
Correct GripPrevents the right hand from becoming too active, allowing proper face closure and preventing a hook shot.
Thumb in the correct positionMinimizes pressure on your right hand.
Neutral GripAllows a natural release on your forward swing, minimizing hook shots.

3. Position Your Golf Ball Correctly: A ball placed too far forward or too far back in your stance can impact the resulting shot’s direction. Work on putting the ball in the right position to help hit more straight shots. All in all, small changes in ball position at the address can cause a chain effect in the golf swing.

4. Weight Transfer: Weight shifting from your back foot to the front foot is fundamental in every swing. Practice shifting your weight smoothly to fix your pull shot.

5. Improve Your Swing Path: To obtain an improved swing path, you need to understand how the clubhead moves. The right way is to swing the clubhead in a straight line path in the backswing upwardly, then swing it back down on a similar straight line path.

Swing Path Corrections
AchievementsHow to Achieve
Proper Swing PlaneThe swing should be flatter, ideally around 45 degrees.
Avoid inside-to-outswingEnsure a correct swing path to produce straight or slight draw flight.

6. Analyze Your Clubface Angle: Analyzing the angle of your clubface helps to prevent balls from squaring up, promoting the golf ball’s spin curve in your strokes. Ensure that your clubface angles specifically point toward your target. You must also understand the golf clubs’ lie angle to fix your irons go, left driver, goes right issue.

Lie Angles and Shot Direction
Lie AngleShot Direction
Too UprightRight to Left
Too FlatLeft to Right

7. Fixing Your Club Length: To fix the issue of club length, get a club fitting to ensure your clubs are the right length and flex for your swing. After getting a proper golf club lengthening & fitting, you will notice a significant improvement in my ball flight and accuracy.

YouTube Video via Kerrod Gray Golf

Drills to Help You Stop Pulling Iron Shots Left

After years of practice, I have developed some drills that have helped me improve my iron game and stop pulling irons left. Here are some of my favorite drills along with easy-to-follow steps:

1. Alignment Drill

One of the most common reasons for pulling irons left is poor alignment. To fix this, try the alignment drill with the following steps:

Step 1: Lay down an alignment stick parallel to the target line. 
Step 2: Align yourself to the stick, making sure your feet, hips, shoulders, and eyes are parallel to the stick. 
Step 3: Take your normal swing and observe how the ball’s flight changes. 

2. Shoulder Turn Drill

Pulling irons left is also caused by improper shoulder turns. Try the following shoulder turn drill to fix this:

Step 1: Take your ideal stance and bring your club up to your left shoulder. 
Step 2: Without moving your hips or feet, rotate your left shoulder back and through. 
Step 3: Repeat this motion to get a feel for the correct shoulder turn during your swing. 

3. Ball Position Drill

Incorrect ball position causes the issue of pulling the golf ball left with the irons. For countering such a problem, go through the drill below:

Step 1: Place a tee at the front, middle, and back of your stance. 
Step 2: Take your stance and hit a series of shots, starting with the tee at the front, then the middle, and then the back. 
Step 3: Observe the ball flight and note which tee produced the straightest shots. 

I had been struggling with pulling irons left for weeks, but after implementing these drills into my practice routine, I was able to make real progress. I also kept some shallow golf swing drills for better alignment in my stance. By focusing on keeping the clubface open and maintaining proper balance, I saw a noticeable difference in my shots almost immediately.

Alignment DrillHelps improve alignment for a better swing
Shoulder Turn DrillIncreases shoulder turn for a better plane
Ball Position DrillImproves the angle of attack for straight shots

Importance of Data Analysis in Your Performance

Sometimes, the best way to fix a shot is to consult with a golf pro. They can analyze your swing, collect data and offer personalized tips to help you improve your technique.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to collect valuable data from your game and use it for improvement. As a golf pro, I recommend using the Trackman device to track your swing and collect data on ball flight, spin rate, and launch angle. This device will help you pinpoint exactly where you’re going wrong and make the necessary adjustments.

To help you better understand the data collected, here is an example table to show how spin rate and launch angle can affect your shot:

Spin RateLaunch AngleResult

Stop Pulling Irons Left – Solution to Your Pull Problem 

“Slice? Pull? Hook? It’s the age-old dilemma for golfers. But, “Why Do My Golf Club Irons Go Right to Left?” That’s a question that has plagued golfers since the advent of the game. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to fix your pull – just a golf swing enthusiast with a passion for the game.

By making a few key adjustments to your stance, grip, and swing, you can kiss your slice or hook goodbye and embrace the straight and true. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t underestimate the power of consistency.

If you’re after some added speed and distance, don’t forget to incorporate some exercises for golf swing speed into your training regime.

So, my fellow golf enthusiasts, dare to dream big and aim for perfection. And always remember, great things come to those who practice until they can’t get it wrong. Follow Golf Ace Nation for all your Golfing needs, and who knows, you could be the next Tiger Woods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where do you aim when hitting irons?

When hitting irons in golf, it’s important to have a clear aim in golf. You want to determine your target and ensure that you’re aiming toward it. To do so, start by choosing a point in the distance where you want the ball to land. This could be a specific spot on the fairway or the green. Once you have your target, align your body and clubface with it. Make sure your feet, hips, and shoulders are parallel with your target line. 

Q2. How do I stop pulling my short irons left?

If you’re finding yourself constantly pulling your short iron shots to the left, there could be a few different factors at play. 

  • One of the most common causes for this issue is poor alignment – make sure you’re lining up square to your target and not aiming left. 
  • You’ll also want to take a look at the position of your hands at impact. Are they too far forward, causing an open clubface and subsequent pull? 
  • Practice keeping your hands even with or slightly behind the ball to help square up your swing. 
  • Lastly, it can be helpful to work on your tempo and swing speed. Sometimes a quick or jerky motion can lead to inconsistent ball flight. 

Q3. Can a strong grip cause a pull?

As golfers, we all know the frustration of pulling golf balls left with irons when we’re trying to hit a straight shot. But have you ever considered that it might not be your swing that’s causing the pull? A lesser-known culprit could be a strong grip. 

When your grip is too tight or you’re relying too much on your dominant hand, you may inadvertently be causing your clubface to close too early, resulting in a leftward pull with your irons. It’s important to evaluate your golf grip and find the right balance between strength and control.

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